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Beloved receives her original music, composed in it's entirety - as a beautiful, heart opening, nurturing and uplifting "download". Each piece comes through as a timely, prescriptive, inspirational and supportive sound tonic for whatever she is going through in her life. Often the experience of receiving a song is quite profound, emotional and other worldly. The transmissions of vision, knowing, feeling and Grace that accompany each new song are held and conveyed  in the notes and recordings and can be soul stirring. Listening to these vibrationally soothing and energetically prescriptive recordings can quickly bring the listener into a state of deep peace, healing and relaxation. 

Because of the way she is so lovingly moved into realms of peace, joy and ecstatic heart expansion as she receives her music, Beloved calls her compositions, "Heartsongs".

Beloved delivers prescriptive, nurturing, healing frequencies of love through her music. Her CDs have been mixed, mastered and produced by Lumin White at Transformations Studio in Mt. Shasta, CA. Lumin White's Bio-Resonance Processing™ enhances and supports a sense of well being, bringing music alive in a new way. This opens energetic doorways, beckoning the listener into their own state of deep inner peace.

"Being ill & bedridden for three months, my body was stiff and aching. As I sat in the audience during Beloved's concert, I was emotionally taken away. After Beloved’s concert, I noticed my physical body felt different-like I’d received a massage! The pain in my lower back was gone, as well as all the stiffness and soreness that had been throughout my body!
This was totally unexpected and extremely appreciated!
I’d never had a physical experience like that, from listening to music!
Thanks Beloved!" V.H., Chapel Hill, NC

Beloved Heartsong performing at Center for Spiritual Living, Sarasota

"Our Hospice offers Beloved’s music to patients and family members because
her voice, lyrics, and instrumentals have a remarkable way of resonating with
those who are experiencing loss and change. Her “Forever Love” CD both
captures the deep emotions of loss and brings the listener to a place of love and
hope. This music is peaceful, and it helps to set that tone for those who listen."

Marcia Vanard, Director of Counseling & Education Center

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Forever Love
 is a compilation  of songs that came through Beloved, composed in their entirety, as gentle, yet profound transmissions of love and Grace. These compositions offered emotional and energetic support as Beloved was moving through powerful transitions in her own life, and as friends of hers were in different stages of dealing with the transition of death and dying.

This CD delivers uplifting, prescriptive frequencies to assist those in any stage of transition, their loved ones and caretakers; in opening and healing their hearts, letting go, and transforming fear and grief into inner strength and peace.

Piano, vocals and instrumentation by Beloved Heartsong. Mixed, Mastered and Produced with Bio-Resonance Processing™ by Lumin White at Transformations, Mt. Shasta, CA.

Lumin White's Bio-Resonance Processing™ enhances and supports a sense of well being, bringing music alive in a new way. In Forever Love he seemlessly wove the qualities of Priceless Rose Oil and the experiential beauty of the Fibonacci Sequence into the original recordings.  This opens doorways, beckoning the listener into their own state of deep inner peace.

*Physical CD comes with a booklet of song notes and lyrics.

Note from Beloved:

It is my vision and my prayer that this CD be available for patients, families and caregivers at home and in hospitals, healing centers, hospice, palliative care and grief centers worldwide. If you wish to assist in distribution, please contact me. And, I would love to hear about your experiences with this CD! Thank you!


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Grateful Day Cover

Grateful Day -

Re- Released in 2014!

Remixed & Remastered by Lumin White using Bio-Resonant™ Processing
at Transformations, Mt. Shasta, CA

This instrumental CD was inspired, received, directed and brought forth every step of the way by Spirit! This is inspired/channeled/prescriptive piano music I have written, played and produced through divine guidance. I had other amazing musicians (Richard Raven Williams of Ashland, OR and Gary Cooper of Mt. Shasta, CA) play along with me and the result is a soothing, healing, heart opening, uplifting, yet relaxing CD - perfect for easy listening, driving in the car, a massage, inspiration for your work or creativity and great for gifts!


Grateful Day Back Cover


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Warm up your holidays with the sound and feel of loving presence....

Christmas Presence   

Soulful, graceful piano and lush orchestrations
inspire a feel-good, open-hearted, holiday spirit!
Instrumental, easy listening...with a bonus original vocal track!


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Sounds of the Circle Compilation CDSounds of the Circle VI

The New Age Music Circle- an online community of over 600 artists, industry professionals and fans, presents its sixth compilation in as many years. Produced by Suzanne Doucet, founder of the circle, the compilations have become favorites among music fans as well as professional radio programmers and wellness practitioners who appreciate the ability to play almost four hours of music without stopping. It is available in both physical format and on iTunes. The Sounds of the Circle compilations are always eclectic, showcasing the wide range of inspiration, interpretation and musical vision within the New Age genre from countries across the globe including the USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, England, Norway, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Venezuela and more.


Participating artists and groups include Beloved Heartsong, Steven Halpern & Michael Diamond, Lia Scallion, Peter Sterling, Laura Sullivan and many more!

Only a few are available, and once they are gone, that's it!

Physical CD $15