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Christmas Presence

I love Christmas Music. I love the happy feeling I get listening to it, playing it, singing it, cooking or working to it, etc. I would imagine most people love the warmth that music adds to any occasion or celebration.

I am always amazed at how music is so deeply associated with our memories. It makes the music even more rich, interesting and sentimental. And, the holidays are a wonderful time to share music and memories.

This easy listening CD offers a nurturing, peaceful, relaxing way to warm up your holidays with the sound and feel of loving presence. Produced, mixed and mastered by Lumin White with Bio-Resonance Processing™, which enhances and supports a sense of well being, bringing music alive in a new way. 

And,  it has a final bonus vocal track with an original Christmas Carol of mine!

A great stocking stuffer- and something you can enjoy for seasons to come!