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Christmas Presence

by Beloved Heartsong

Released 2016
Released 2016
Soulful, graceful piano and lush orchestrations inspire a feel-good, open-hearted, holiday spirit!
Warm up your holidays with the sound of love....
Beloved receives her original music, composed in it's entirety - as a beautiful, heart opening, nurturing, uplifting "download". Each piece comes through as a timely, prescriptive, inspirational and supportive sound tonic for whatever she is going through in her life.

Often the experience of receiving a song is quite profound, emotional and other worldly. The transmissions of vision, knowing, feeling and Grace that accompany each new song are held and conveyed in the notes and recordings and can be soul stirring. Listening to these vibrationally soothing & energetically prescriptive recordings can quickly bring the listener into a state of deep peace, healing and relaxation.

Because of the way she is so lovingly moved into realms of peace, joy and ecstatic heart expansion as she receives her music, Beloved calls her compositions, "Heartsongs".

Beloved delivers prescriptive, nurturing, healing frequencies of love through her music. Her CDs have been mixed, mastered and produced by Lumin White. Lumin White's Bio-Resonance Processing™ enhances and supports a sense of well being, bringing music alive in a new way. This opens doorways, beckoning the listener into their own state of deep inner peace.