Beloved Heartsong


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Come Home

Beloved Heartsong
Beloved Heartsong


I visited Mt. Shasta, CA more than 30 times in 7 years before I moved here in 2006.  Each time, I felt in my core that every fiber of my being had come home in the deepest, most profound way. During one visit, I was sitting by the lake, writing in my journal and basking in the incredible, natural beauty as this song came through; reminding me Home is truly within the heart and that we can choose to abide in it's peace and wholeness, whatever our circumstances and wherever we are.


There’s a place in your heart of quiet inspiration,

where all that you bring, receives instant liberation.

It’s the place where you’re served, the love you so deserve,

come home, come home, come home.


Here you’ll find understanding and peace;

the infinite union you seek.

All that you’ve longed for, you will find.

Come home to your heart and free your mind.


It’s the place of creation and constant rebirth.

It’s the comfort and reassurance at the end of your search.

It’s the door to your Spirit, and you’re invited in.

Come home, come home, come home.

I am home, in my heart I’m home.