Beloved Heartsong


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Forever Love

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Beloved Heartsong
Beloved Heartsong


A dear friend named Deborah had been ill for quite some time and was getting ready to transition.  I had been at her house rearranging her room so she would be more comfortable in her last days.

When I got home, I sat and played the piano for a while.  To my great surprise, I saw a holographic Deoborah walk through my front door and across the room to me at the piano.


She laid her hand on the piano, looked me straight in the eyes and nodded her head.  As she did, I heard this song and started playing it.  My heart burst open and I wept as I played and sang.  I recorded it and sent it to her.  She said it was exactly what she wanted to have played at her service.


A few days later, I was having dinner with friends and told them this story.  I sang the song to them at the table and while I was singing, my friend's phone rang.  He didn't check the message until after dinner.  When he listened to the message, we realized Deborah had taken her last breath while I was singing them her song.  This song was played at her service.



As you gather in my name,
set me free, … relieve your pain.

In your thoughts and hearts,
hold me with a smile,
if you can’t see me, feel me now…

I am forever love, I’m forever love,
I’m here with you, always within you…

 For me don’t cry, there is peace at last.
Live and love for happiness.
So be the love, receive the love, live the love you are…


For we are together love, forever love.
We’ll be forever, together love.
Yes, we’ll… we’ll be forever, together love.