Beloved Heartsong


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Lift Up Your Feet

Beloved Heartsong
Beloved Heartsong


My Mom's close friends have been like second Mother's to me. One of them, Mimi, was a strong, loving woman with a fabulous sense of humor who made a beautiful difference in my life. Her physical presence is greatly missed in this world.  I recognized and felt Mimi's energy fill the room as this song came through for her grieving daughter, Amanda. Amanda left her body as this CD was nearing completion and this song is now for her loving husband and children.


Lift up your feet, walk on, walk on.

It’s a dark and lonely street, walk on, walk on.


Maybe pain’s at your door, an unwelcome visitor,

As each tear hits the floor, the love inside endures.


Lift up your feet, walk on, walk on.

Your heart’s in retreat, but walk on, walk on.


Every memory – your gold, the treasure you now hold,

It’s your legacy to pass on to your daughter and your son.


Lift up your feet, walk on, walk on.

She would never want defeat, walk on, walk on.


For life’s answers you cry, you may never know why-

Her Spirit’s alive, let your heart learn to fly.

Lift up your feet, walk on, walk on.

There’s a path you must meet, walk on, walk on.


Let her life guide your way, let the child within you play,

Let her love shine right through, as her Spirit lives in you.


Lift up your face, walk on, walk on.

She is every place, so live on, live on.