Beloved Heartsong


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On the Bridge of Our Love

Beloved Heartsong
Beloved Heartsong


This song facilitates re-union with those we have felt separated from through the ending of a relationship, distance or death. 

While missing a loved one terribly, I was weeping and playing the piano.  Two angels appeared and carried me and a holographic vision of the person I was missing, to an arched bridge that looked like the famous one in Monet's Garden.  We were held several feet in the air on opposite sides of the bridge.  As the angels brought us together over the center of the bridge, we formed one brilliant light and the truth and understanding encoded in these notes were revealed in that instant; that we can re-align with each other as we re-member the truth of the love we have shared.  That truth is...that love may change shape, yet, it never dies.  Allowing our hearts to FEEL the love, we immediately bridge any (mis)-perceived distance and align with the truth of All beings; we are One.