Beloved Heartsong


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Soul Threads

Beloved Heartsong
Beloved Heartsong


While sitting at the piano, mindlessly playing and grieving the end of a relationship, the room filled with bright light and a palpable presence that was so strong and loving, it took my breath away.

Angels of golden light then appeared,hovering in the air in front of me as I began playing this song.  As the words poured from my mouth as if telling myself a story, the angels pulled golden threads of light out of my chest. I could feel them gently jiggle the threads that themselves were the essence of the pain that I had associated with the ending of the relationship.  The threads of my perceptions were sticking to the walls of my heart and to the very fiber of my being.

As they released, I breathed more deeply and easily.  I felt clearer and lighter in my heart, mind and Spirit, and gratefully experienced a state of deep peace.


Free, threads of souls once sewn by love through time,

lift now from this lifetime’s grand design,

returning now unto the One light.


Free, unraveling, the tapestry’s undone.

Look how far our loving hearts have come,

returning now unto the one light.


Free, and all that our hearts have shared and learned,

is greater than the pain of how we yearned,

returning now unto the One light.


Free, golden threads of soul light will remind,

every fiber in us is divine,

returning now unto the One light.


Free, how we live our lives will be the proof;

threads of love can only weave the truth,

returning now unto the One light.


All that we longed for, all that we hoped would be,

all that I dreamed for you,

all that you dreamed for me,

is released now, eternally,

free to weave a new divine tapestry.