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Dolphin Sunrise

Beloved Heartsong
Beloved Heartsong


 As I received this song, in my inner vision was a beautiful scene of a sunrise over the ocean and dolphins frolicking in the water. Their joy as they leapt across the water felt exhilarating!

When starting this project, I wanted to record a CD of my instrumental music. A few of the songs I chose for this compilation do have lyrics, and they may be shared in fullness on another CD someday. I arranged the tracks on this CD in the order I felt guided to. As I looked at the final arrangement, I noticed that the titles of the tracks all lined up nicely and in proper order as the events of a day;from Dolphin Sunrise to Ribbon Sunset, to Dreamtime Mist and Into the Deep. And, before I could even pose the question in my mind, immediately from my heart, came the answer, "Grateful Day!"