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Into the Deep (The Whale Song)

Beloved Heartsong
Beloved Heartsong


As I received this song through my subtle awareness, I "saw" whales swimming in circles deep in the ocean- and under my piano. They seemed to be stirring the consciousness of humanity. As the song ended, they would swim out into the deep...





In June 2004, just as I was leaving Peru, I found a large and amazing crystal in a little shop. I carried it home in my lap like a proud mother and placed it on the bottom shelf of a plant stand under an orchid in my music room. This beautiful crystal changed the energy in the room. 

As I would play, the dolphins and whales began showing up in my music and I would feel and "see" them in the room. The orchid bloomed continuously throughout the year.

In the Spring of 2005, in a channeled reading I was giving to a friend in NC, I was guided to give my friend this crystal to drop in the ocean off Orcas Island in Washington State.  The guidance was that it would benefit the dolphins and whales somehow and that it needed to be done during the first three days of June.

As she shared this information with her friends, there were several who felt called to make this journey with her. They traveled across country and on June 3rd, went out on a boat. The captain informed them that 2 of the 3 whale pods that usually reside there, had just returned the evening before. 

The whales surrounded the boat, and my friend said they all became overwhelmed with the feeling of love and gratitude from the whales. They were moved to tears and released the crystal into the water with blessings and great love in their hearts.

We found out later, that the day before, in Australia, 75 false killer whales ( really a species of dolphin that look like whales), had beached themselves, and the day the crystal was dropped, all but one returned to the ocean (thanks to the efforts of many rescue workers.)

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