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Forever Love & Grateful Day~ Hospice Nurse Can't Wait to Get in the Car & Listen!

My car's audio player is in love with your CDs! My commute to work is short, but I can hardly wait to get in the car. I find your music enchanting and enthralling. You uplift my heart every day! I so appreciate your lovely gifts.

As a hospice nurse for over 17 years, I wish we'd had access to this lovely CD in our Transition Room. When I was case managing a Palliative Care unit in a nursing home, we reserved a room dedicated to those who were actively dying, and their families. Some called it GOD's WAITING ROOM. Families were upset, stressed, often feeling guilt or helplessness, and music played a big part in their peace of mind & acceptance. At times, we had a volunteer who played her harp, but harp music isn't for everyone!

Beloved's instrumental music of GRATEFUL DAY & FOREVER LOVE has universal appeal, and while I listen, I often feel my heart chakra pulsating! It evokes a peaceful, attuned presence that perfectly suits the soul in transition. AND their distressed families.

They tell us that, as the soul surrenders to the hereafter, their hearing ability is the last sense to go. However, from experience, I have noted that, as death nears, comprehension seems to be much slower. Speech needs to be simple, and slowly spoken. For this reason, the lovely lyrics of popular or old favorites may be confusing, like a radio that isn't quite tuned. So, the soft, gentle variety and essence of FOREVER LOVE brings an indescribable harmony, inviting but not competing with the transformational experience of shedding the body.

Last month, I had been listening to FOREVER LOVE on my commute. Imagine my surprise when I heard 'When You Call An Angel' among the music a family had selected to be played at a Funeral Home visitation! The family had been in the care of a local hospice. I hope that this holy music is being discovered and shared throughout our network of hospice caregivers everywhere.

Lorna Bell, RN, Certified Hospice & Palliative Care Nurse & Grief Recovery Specialist
Author of Happy Endings & More Happy Endings & Yoga for a Grieving Heart    and