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Forever Love ~ Healing Support Through the Death & Dying Process

This is a very healing and intuitive collection of songs that provides support during the different stages of death and dying. The CD opens the heart center and takes the listener to a place deep within where real healing begins. It is true that with each death of family members or friends, we process all the previous deaths we have faced in this lifetime. It is like peeling off the layers of an onion. Listening to this CD will help process current and past grief or the facing of one’s own transition.

The story begins when I met Beloved in the 1990’s at LaHo-Chi healing classes. (Beloved is the Director of the LaHo-Chi Institute.) She is a musician, author, intuitive and a healer and has been a hospice volunteer. I am a nurse educator with experience in oncology. I enjoy working with death and dying. I volunteer in a Hospice giving healing touch to inpatients.

In 2006, I married Phil, a sweet, gentle soul who taught me unconditional love. While newlyweds in our 60’s, we were kayaking, biking, hiking, and having a great life. We visited Beloved in Mt. Shasta, California, on one of our trips.

In 2010, Phil developed Multiple System Atrophy. In 2012, we were facing his impending death. We talked openly about death and how the Spirit lives on. Phil expressed his fears about dying.

In March, Beloved visited and gave us a rough copy of her CD, “Forever Love”. Phil and I began listening to it. It facilitated us talking about what we were going through. Sometimes we celebrated our love, talked about angels, or cried over our losses instead of stuffing our feelings. The song, “Soul Threads” speaks to re-weaving the divine tapestry. This stimulated many discussions of what we think occurs with transition.

Phil was under the care of Hospice at home. I played the CD several times a week. I quickly found the songs that supported the process or what we needed that day. I would listen to the CD by myself at times and cry or find energy to deal with the situation. Phil’s condition worsened and he was admitted to inpatient Hospice. I continued to play the CD softly in his room as he slipped into varying levels of consciousness. The nursing staff would come in and comment on the ‘light’ in the room and how peaceful it was. Phil made his transition in January 2013.

At Phil’s memorial, we played song #15, “Forever Love”, to open the service and #14, “Soul Threads”, in closing. During the closing song, a friend of mine who is intuitive reported that she saw a rainbow colored bridge going from my heart to Phil’s heart, showing the love, that never ends.

As I continue the grief process, I still play the CD, especially “Lift Up Your Feet”.  "Forever Love" made a difference, in that it gave us inner strength and prompts to face impending death and resolution.

I plan to give this CD to my family and friends who are facing death and dying or have lost a loved one. This would be a great resource for Hospices!

Patricia Skinner, RN, Energy Healer & Hospice Volunteer    Durham, NC