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Forever Love ~ Love Cocoon

Forever Love is an amazing mix of transcendent heart poetry in compassionate witness to the beauty of the soul, blended with rich lyrical soundscapes of voice, piano, and other instrumentals. Beloved's lush singing voice is intensely nurturing, calming, and uplifting, as she invites her listeners to come home to infinite peace and divine grace.

Truly this music is like a love cocoon to embrace the body, mind, heart, and soul. It can beautifully assist those making a physical transition to let go into light and feel totally surrounded and enfolded by grace. It is also a love song to the heart of all of us who are living in times of intense transformation and needing a spacious, calm place to relax and let go into oneness.

The first time I heard the opening track, "This Precious Moment", tears poured down my cheeks from feeling such a profound sense of homecoming. The lilting velvet tones of her voice carried me aloft with their soothing beauty, and my heart felt melted in radiant softness. Love songs of enlightened soul to assist healing and wholeness, her gorgeous music is divinely inspired and flowing with angelic tenderness and compassion. It will be of tremendous benefit and blessing to those in hospice and healing centers, and truly its heart healing frequency and energy is sacred sound medicine for us all.

by Ra Elohim Remez,Raleigh, NC   Sound Healer/Artist