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Forever Love ~ Your Own Private Angel

Beloved Heartsong has given us a powerful and extraordinary gift—one that uplifts and expands us into True Peace and All-Embracing Love. Her beautiful and soothing voice, heart-warming lyrics, exquisite piano talent, and divinely inspired melodies remind us of real Freedom, Peace, Joy and all that is Eternal. It is like listening to your own private Angel who sings away all your woes and cradles you in Infinite Love and Compassion.I found that listening to this CD puts one in a deep and profound state of Peace, effortlessly.

Listening to this recording would seem beneficial for just about any transition we might find ourselves in and would help during times of challenge and all stages of healing. It was a soothing balm for myself as I was relocating from one residence to another. I found that I was playing this CD repeatedly even after I was well settled and adjusted. Even my grandchildren (ages 2 to 10 years of age) loved listening to this CD and would request it again and again.

Thank you, Beloved Heartsong, for gifting humanity with your Heavenly music!


D. Rachaell Saan-Ma

Author of Scheduled To Awaken, The Truth Behind the Clouds