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Forever Love ~ Love Cocoon

Forever Love is an amazing mix of transcendent heart poetry in compassionate witness to the beauty of the soul, blended with rich lyrical soundscapes of voice, piano, and other instrumentals. Beloved's lush singing voice is intensely nurturing, calming, and uplifting, as she invites her listeners to come home to infinite peace and divine grace.

Truly this music is like...

Forever Love ~ In the Arms of Beauty & Grace

From her life experience, Beloved Heartsong weaves a cocoon of profound healing, with a musical landscape that caresses the heart while the soul is transitioning into the afterlife. Like the classical masters, through the weaving of the words with the frequencies of sound, the listener is held in the arms of beauty and Grace.

Dorothea Joyce, Advanced Energy/ Sound Healer, Concert Artist for Inner Peace

Grateful Day ~ Truly Enchanting!

Beloved's music is truly enchanting. The music on this CD is a journey into love, joy and a very pleasurable and healing listening experience. The lush melodies, harmonies, rhythms and flow are both relaxing and renewing and often inspire great peace and a desire to dance. I highly recommend this CD and look forward to more music by this gifted and creative pianist/composer! 

N. S-D., Durham, NC  Corporate Director and Instructor, Healer, Musician, 

Grateful Day ~ Lifts Your Spirit!

I love this CD! I listen to it daily, while providing massage to the clients at the spa where I work. I also have my own copy and decided to give this CD to 7 members of my family this past holiday season. Everyone has been "Grateful" and so am I. Thank you, Beloved, for providing such beautiful, heartfelt music. It lifts my spirit and relaxes me and my clients each time we hear it.  

S. C., Middletown, CA  Massage Therapist, Living Foods Nutrition Instructor, Counselor & Chef

Grateful Day ~ Poetry for the Soul

The lush sweet sounds and lilting rhythms of Beloved's music are like poetry for the soul and gentle healing medicine for the heart. Each song has a rich and poignant beauty that uplifts the emotions and calls to a mystical union with love's deep imagination. The music effortlessly moves the listener's heart through a range of love, yearning, and passionate embrace with the beloved within, inviting new tenderness for life like a graceful dancer riding inner waves of light.

The whole sound transports one to realms of utter serenity, peace, and magical beauty. Perfect for quiet reveries, meditation, and relaxation, I often listen to the CD when I work at my desk so that my heart feels nourished and inspired. This is highly recommended music of divine grace!

R.R., Raleigh, NC  Sound Healer, Musician, Artist

Grateful Day ~ Warm & Inviting

Beloved is pictured in one of this CD’s pictures smiling broadly while playing a piano surrounded beautiful trees. And this smile is the perfect picture of Beloved’s music, which is consistently warm and inviting.

All of Beloved’s music is ...

Grateful Day ~ Stirring & Meditative Compilation

Grateful Day is a stirring and meditative compilation of 17 instrumental songs which feature the piano played by Beloved. The music represents the experience of spiritual experience, harmony with nature, and unfolding journey. Grateful Day gives me the feeling of a movie soundtrack that presents an inspiring visual landscape, but then I realize it is the soundtrack to Beloved’s Life. In addition to piano, you will hear a world class performance on guitars, bass, bouzouki, tamboura, sarod, synthesizer, shakuhachi, and percussion by Richard Raven Williams. Silver flute is played by Gary Cooper. The music style is a blend of classical and new age influences. There is a surprising versatility in the instrumentation and uniqueness of each track, considering how well united they are in a single minded expression of inner peace and love.

“Passionate Words” (Track 7) reminds me of...

Grateful Day ~ Amazing Emotional Journey

Grateful Day is an amazing emotional journey taking the listener to a higher realm of consciousness celebrating the reverence and joy of life. Beloved's talents as composer and pianist are extraordinary, uplifting and energizing the soul through her artistry, transporting you to the heart of love. You feel the experiences of a day lived in sacred union with the power of nature and the exquisiteness of its beauty.

Grateful Day is a mystical wave radiating pure heart energy, exemplifying...

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