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Some Other Time, Some Other Place

by Beloved Heartsong featuring Michal Palzewicz

Released 06/22/2018
Released 06/22/2018
Soul stirring piano and cello evoke a sense of longing and loving while palpably taking us to a more simple time and place.
Beloved delivers prescriptive, nurturing, healing frequencies of love through her music.

Some Other Time, Some Other Place, features cellist Michal Palzewicz, who has performed extensively throughout the United States and Europe, both as a soloist and ensemble player. He attended the Warsaw Conservatory of Music in Poland and then The Manhattan School of Music. His music is full of contrast, on one hand surrounding us with a comforting blanket of sound and on the other hand drawing from the brilliant virtuosic tradition of Classical music.

Her CDs have been mixed, mastered and produced by Lumin White at Transformations Studio in Mt. Shasta, CA. Lumin White's Bio-Resonance Processing™ enhances and supports a sense of well being, bringing music alive in a new way. This opens energetic doorways, beckoning the listener into their own state of deep inner peace.