Beloved was intensely drawn to the piano as a young child. Every opportunity to touch a piano was exciting for her. Her maternal grandmother was an opera singer and painter and she and Beloved's mother instilled in Beloved a great love and appreciation of music and the arts.  Beloved  trained  classically from  3rd grade  through college.  When her three children were small,  Beloved enjoyed playing and singing at the piano with them daily.

Through several profound spiritual activations and  life changing mystical awakenings that began in 1995, (as she came to LaHo-Chi Energy Healing -the work she has been teaching for over 25 years),  Beloved had her subtle senses and inner guidance opened powerfully and she spontaneously began trance (and later “conscious”) channeling  information and messages from what she calls The Unified Field of Love Through the years, she has received volumes of poetry, teachings, books, music and the blessing of continued opening, expansion and guidance.

In the Fall of 2001, when Beloved inherited her grandmother's Steinway grand, she began receiving what she calls, her "heartsongs". Beloved hears the music and lyrics in her head, fully composed; and receives them like a "download".  As she does, she often experiences expanded consciousness, powerful heart openings and the feeling of being held in great love, compassion and Grace. The music she receives is prescriptive in that it offers specific healing, solace, direction and energetic support for whatever she is going through at the time. These energies are encoded in the music itself; making each piece a sound tonic that lifts, heals, blesses and nourishes the spirit. Many report having profound experiences of healing and Grace while listening to her music, and often find themselves unexpectedly in tears as their hearts spontaneously open to receive it.

Beloved is also the Director of and the Instructor for the LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing. She teaches workshops on energy healing, how to develop inner guidance and intuition,  and Sacred Tantric Dance for Women. Beloved is the author of The Cosmic Cradle~ channeled Lessons and Poetry on Living Life with a Lifted Spirit, and many published articles on spiritual growth and development. Beloved also leads week long summer retreats in Mt. Shasta, CA.