All the World's My Family

Beautiful lyrics, piano and energy! This CD feels like it is straight from heaven. I feel so nurtured and held in divine Grace as I listen to this CD.  Putting it on repeat, I feel the loving  energy expand within me and in my space.

I purchased Beloved’s recent CDs, Living Love and All the world’s My Family. I find myself choosing these CDs often to listen to whether I am doing yoga, relaxing, or making dinner. I can feel the energy of love and peace when I listen; they are so enjoyable. They are soothing and yet full of life at the same time and the spiritual wisdom warms my heart. One of the lines is “Each new pain you feel is the past returning to heal. Hold on to Love.” Wow, such a powerful reminder and to trust Love to get us through.  Other lyrics which are so apropos for these times (2020) are: “Every time you smile at a stranger, every time you hold a door, offer your tenderness, just a little bit more. You bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven.” Thanks, Beloved for sharing your Light with us all!   
Suzette Anicetti, Spiritual Teacher & Author, Boone, NC


Living Love

This CD is a call to  embrace all life with love  and as love.  Each song speaks to a different aspect of life and a new opportunity to show up as love in every situation. Very inspiring, uplifting and heart opening!

Some Other Time, Some Other Place

Although the title of this CD is "Some Other Time, Some Other Place," I can guarantee that you will want to come to back to this very place, again and again. A hauntingly beautiful blending of piano and cello (by Michal Palzewicz), it will transport the listener to a place of grace and balance. If I were to choose a subtitle for this CD, it would be "Sanctuary." 
L. J. Zinkand, Graphic Design Artist, Oregon

Beloveds CD "Some Other Time, Some Other Place" is such a comfort and delightful experience as if the sound is coming in from another place and time, just like the title suggest. The soul recognizes the musical melodies drawing one into a deep quite space of remembering. Listening to this musical collection evokes the feeling of coming home after a long absence...quenching a spiritual thirst or longing. A rare gift indeed to find music that touches the spirit like Beloveds "Some Other Time.... I highly recommend this CD for anyone who loves to connect with music that nurtures and moves their soul.

This mystically beautiful music blending piano and cello, quiets the mind, opens the heart, and allows listeners to drop into a space between the worlds. My experience is that it allows conversations to go deeper, reflections to tap into magic, and the overall energetic mood of listeners to be filled with grace. I play it all the time!
Kathleen Hanagan, Author & Therapist, Alexandria, VA

Beloved Heartsong's newest collection, Some Other Time, Some Other Place, is wonderful. The inspirational melodies are soothing as well as uplifting. I just love hearing it as a backdrop to life as it has a healing effect on me. What a master of sensitivity, talent, skill and flow. I highly recommend this brilliant instrumental CD of piano and cello for relaxation and regeneration.

Reviews by CD

Forever Love

 I have to tell you that your CD blew me away!! Your voice is just hauntingly beautiful and the music is incredible. I went into an altered state as soon as I started listening. It is so emotionally evocative. I found myself feeling a deep longing for something I don’t even really understand consciously.  Amazing…. Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible gifts. This music needs to be played for everyone preparing to transition. It will guide them, nourish their souls and extinguish any fear about the process.

Diane Jackson, Durham, NC

Our Hospice offers Beloved’s music to patients and family members because her voice, lyrics, and instrumentals have a remarkable way of resonating with those who are experiencing loss and change. Her “Forever Love” CD both captures the deep emotions of loss and brings the listener to a place of love and hope. This music is peaceful, and it helps to set that tone for those who listen.
Marcia Vanard, Director of Counseling & Education Center, Hospice & Palliative Care of Greensboro, NC


It was wonderful to have your music to plug into during these challenging times. Your music and your voice, truly exquisite and brought me to a place of inner peace almost immediately. I sit with the dying and think that this would be lovely to play in the background... just to receive the frequencies!. Thank You! 
Nora San Felipe


Beloved Heartsong has given us a powerful and extraordinary gift—one that uplifts and expands us into True Peace and All-Embracing Love. Her beautiful and soothing voice, heart-warming lyrics, exquisite piano talent, and divinely inspired melodies remind us of real Freedom, Peace, Joy and all that is Eternal. It is like listening to your own private Angel who sings away all your woes and cradles you in Infinite Love and Compassion.I found that listening to this CD puts one in a deep and profound state of Peace, effortlessly. 

Listening to this recording would seem beneficial for just about any transition we might find ourselves in and would help during times of challenge and all stages of healing. It was a soothing balm for myself as I was relocating from one residence to another. I found that I was playing this CD repeatedly even after I was well settled and adjusted. Even my grandchildren (ages 2 to 10 years of age) loved listening to this CD and would request it again and again. 

Thank you, Beloved Heartsong, for gifting humanity with your Heavenly music! 
D. Rachaell Saan-Ma, Author of Scheduled To Awaken, The Truth Behind the Clouds

I have to tell you that your CD blew me away!! Your voice is just hauntingly beautiful and the music is incredible. I went into an altered state as soon as I started listening. It is so emotionally evocative. I found myself feeling a deep longing for something I don’t even really understand consciously. Amazing…. Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible gifts. This music needs to be played for everyone preparing to transition. It will guide them, nourish their souls and extinguish any fear about the process. 

I listened to your cd last night, and I love it!I want to get more copies of Forever Love for friends who are going through transitions. I found the experience very moving and profoundly peaceful. Beautiful. Life changing, I think. 

You have such a beautiful gift. I feel such peace and joy when I listen to these CDs. 
You have the voice of an angel and a true gift from heaven through your music. 
Thank you !
Diane Jackson, Healer & Animal Communicator, Durham, NC

My car's audio player is in love with your CDs! My commute to work is short, but I can hardly wait to get in the car. I find your music enchanting and enthralling. You uplift my heart every day! I so appreciate your lovely gifts. 

As a hospice nurse for over 17 years, I wish we'd had access to this lovely CD in our Transition Room. When I was case managing a Palliative Care unit in a nursing home, we reserved a room dedicated to those who were actively dying, and their families. Some called it GOD's WAITING ROOM. Families were upset, stressed, often feeling guilt or helplessness, and music played a big part in their peace of mind & acceptance. At times, we had a volunteer who played her harp, but harp music isn't for everyone! 

Beloved's instrumental music of GRATEFUL DAY & FOREVER LOVE has universal appeal, and while I listen, I often feel my heart chakra pulsating! It evokes a peaceful, attuned presence that perfectly suits the soul in transition, AND their distressed families. 

They tell us that, as the soul surrenders to the hereafter, their hearing ability is the last sense to go. However, from experience, I have noted that, as death nears, comprehension seems to be much slower. Speech needs to be simple, and slowly spoken. For this reason, the lovely lyrics of popular or old favorites may be confusing, like a radio that isn't quite tuned. So, the soft, gentle variety and essence of FOREVER LOVE brings an indescribable harmony, inviting but not competing with the transformational experience of shedding the body. 

Last month, I had been listening to FOREVER LOVE on my commute. Imagine my surprise when I heard 'When You Call An Angel' among the music a family had selected to be played at a Funeral Home visitation! The family had been in the care of a local hospice. I hope that this holy music is being discovered and shared throughout our network of hospice caregivers everywhere.
Lorna Bell, RN, Certified Hospice & Palliative Care Nurse & Grief Recovery Specialist  
Author of Happy Endings & More Happy Endings & Yoga for a Grieving Heart


Grateful Day

Beloved's music is truly enchanting. The music on this CD is a journey into love, joy and a very pleasurable and healing listening experience. The lush melodies, harmonies, rhythms and flow are both relaxing and renewing and often inspire great peace and a desire to dance. I highly recommend this CD and look forward to more music by this gifted and creative pianist/composer! 
N. S-D., Durham, NC  Corporate Director and Instructor, Healer, Musician


I love this CD! I listen to it daily, while providing massage to the clients at the spa where I work. I also have my own copy and decided to give this CD to 7 members of my family this past holiday season. Everyone has been "Grateful" and so am I. Thank you, Beloved, for providing such beautiful, heartfelt music. It lifts my spirit and relaxes me and my clients each time we hear it. 
S. C., Middletown, CA  Massage Therapist, Living Foods Nutrition Instructor, Counselor & Chef

The lush sweet sounds and lilting rhythms of Beloved's music are like poetry for the soul and gentle healing medicine for the heart. Each song has a rich and poignant beauty that uplifts the emotions and calls to a mystical union with love's deep imagination. The music effortlessly moves the listener's heart through a range of love, yearning, and passionate embrace with the beloved within, inviting new tenderness for life like a graceful dancer riding inner waves of light. 

The whole sound transports one to realms of utter serenity, peace, and magical beauty. Perfect for quiet reveries, meditation, and relaxation, I often listen to the CD when I work at my desk so that my heart feels nourished and inspired. This is highly recommended music of divine grace!
R.R., Raleigh, NC  Sound Healer, Musician, Artist
Grateful Day is an amazing emotional journey taking the listener to a higher realm of consciousness celebrating the reverence and joy of life. Beloved's talents as composer and pianist are extraordinary, uplifting and energizing the soul through her artistry, transporting you to the heart of love. You feel the experiences of a day lived in sacred union with the power of nature and the exquisiteness of its beauty. 

Grateful Day is a mystical wave radiating pure heart energy, exemplifying the path of love and light. This is perfect music for meditation and spiritual contemplation; it is a must have for your collection of sacred and loving music to listen to over and over again!
Drinda Pennini, Austin, TX,  Author, Healer, Workshop Leader

Beloved is pictured in one of this CD’s pictures smiling broadly while playing a piano surrounded beautiful trees. And this smile is the perfect picture of Beloved’s music, which is consistently warm and inviting. 

All of Beloved’s music is instrumental and mainly piano-focused. Beloved’s notes for Grateful Day help explain the unique order of these songs. “As I looked at the final arrangement, I noticed that the titles to the tracks all lined up nicely and in proper order as the events of a day; from “Dolphin Sunrise," to “Ribbon Sunset," to “Dreamtime Mist," and "Into the Deep”. 

Instrumental music can be tricky to describe, which is why you’ll be grateful – no pun intended – for these CD notes. For instance, “Dolphin Sunrise” was inspired by “dolphins frolicking in the water,” as Beloved puts it. So when you listen to the flute and acoustic piano sound interaction of this track, it’s easy to picture those gentle sea creatures putting on a show. 

There is also a spiritual element to Beloved’s music. The composition “On The Bridge of Our Love” was written for “those who are missing or longing for someone.” To experience this song therapeutically, “close your eyes, visualize a bridge in a beautiful garden and see your loved ones smiling as you meet them there with an open heart.” 

The story behind “Into the Deep (The Whale Song)” is given extended detail in the CD booklet. It was inspired by the nearly tragic beaching of 75 false killer whales, which – according to Beloved – are a species of dolphin that look like whales. She describes this song’s inspiration as follows: “As I received this song, through my subtle awareness, I felt and saw whales swimming in circles deep in the ocean – under my piano. They seemed to be stirring the consciousness of humanity. As the song ended, they would swim into the deep.” 

Beloved also matches her piano playing with various inviting instrumental combinations. Although it comes off a little on the sad side, the bouzouki of “Until You’re Here” helps the song express a deep sadness. 

Without a doubt, Beloved’s soul is in touch with nature. From the forests on the back cover, to the mountain tops on the front along with the whale and dolphin-inspired tracks, Beloved draws peaceful feelings from what she sees and feels in nature, then puts these deep emotions to music. 

If you’re a city guy like me, you may not make connections similar to Beloved. It’s hard to get stuck on the 405 in Southern California and end up with a Grateful Day happy feeling. But after you get home, and once you find a place where you can listen to music without being disturbed, Grateful Day might just put your mind into a different, better place. 
Dan McIntosh,  for Indie Music, August 2007

Grateful Day is a stirring and meditative compilation of 17 instrumental songs which feature the piano played by Beloved. The music represents the experience of spiritual experience, harmony with nature, and unfolding journey. Grateful Day gives me the feeling of a movie soundtrack that presents an inspiring visual landscape, but then I realize it is the soundtrack to Beloved’s Life. In addition to piano, you will hear a world class performance on guitars, bass, bouzouki, tamboura, sarod, synthesizer, shakuhachi, and percussion by Richard Raven Williams. Silver flute is played by Gary Cooper. The music style is a blend of classical and new age influences. There is a surprising versatility in the instrumentation and uniqueness of each track, considering how well united they are in a single minded expression of inner peace and love. 

“Passionate Words” (Track 7) reminds me of the music that might be put to Leonard Cohen lyrics. If you like to read poetry, Beloved’s music will help you go deeper with the words. This is not music with showiness or an attempt to be overly dramatic. It gives the listener freedom to be present in the depths of the moment. 

About “On The Bridge Of Our Love” Beloved writes: “I encourage you to close your eyes, visualize a bridge in a beautiful garden and see your loved ones smiling as you meet them with an open heart. Love may change shape, yet love is the truth that lives forever.” The music flows joyfully from track to track with a quality that is eternal. 

Beloved lives in Mt. Shasta, CA and it is one of her greatest passions to share her healing music with others. She previously lived in Durham, N.C. Grateful Day will serve well as background music, massage accompaniment, with meditation, and along side other healing practices. 
Ron Rudin, for Innerchange Magazine, June/July 2007 Issue